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Community Grants

Without Stevenage Community Trust, local clubs and organisations that survive on a shoe string but give so much back into the local community would cease to exist. We at Codicote FC are so grateful to Caroline and the team for their work in supporting such a wide variety of organisations and the place would be a poorer place without them.
Codicote FC
The pupils at Lonsdale School require lots of additional support on a daily basis and the last couple of years have embarked on the Duke of Edinburgh Award. In order to achieve this they need suitable camping equipment to meet their needs in order to help them achieve. If it wasn’t for the generous donation from Stevenage Community Trust we wouldn’t be able to support the pupils embarking on their gold award to fulfil their dreams. Thank you for your support.
Lonsdale School
Quite simply, without the timely and very generous support of Stevenage Community Trust, we may not have been able to form Stevenage Starlets FC at this time.
Stevenage Starlets FC
Thank you for enabling us to support and empower 28 young women in Stevenage to build their self-confidence, raise their self-esteem and create bright futures for themselves.
The Gifted Organisation
An enormous thank you for your kind donation towards our new outdoor classroom. This money has helped provide our small village school with a beautiful new, sheltered outside space which is being used for a wide range of purposes, educational, social and play!
Graveley School
We are very grateful to Stevenage Community Trust for recognising the value of counselling for young people. Many of the people we see feel isolated and distressed, often feeling they have nowhere else to turn. Young people repeatedly tell us, in different ways, that counselling has been a life-line for them.
Tilehouse Counselling
Thank you so much to Caroline and the Stevenage Community Trust. The grant enabled us to provide some much needed food items to help some of our families at Christmas, which is a very difficult time of year for many.
Stevenage Education Support Centre
Stevenage Striders want to thank Stevenage Community Trust for its generous gift to help make the inaugural Stevenage 10k a success. Funding has ensured we can put on a safe and enjoyable race for the community.
Stevenage Striders Running Club
Thank you so much for the kind donation. It helped us provide Christmas cheer without depleting our funds. It was a real joy to use the donation to make our clients happy and get them to come together ahead of Christmas which can be a bit tough on some of them.
Headway Hertfordshire
We cannot thank you enough for the extra support towards us hosting a Christmas party for some of the most vulnerable families in the town. This had a huge impact on the families as they had a chance to give their children a good time at Christmas in a safe environment. This also gave these families an opportunity to spend time with others in a similar situation to their own which is invaluable to some of our survivors.
Stevenage Against Domestic Abuse
We would like to thank Stevenage Community Trust for their very kind donation. This money has helped us run, and our community access, ‘Parenting Puzzle’ a nurturing programme which guides parents through the challenges of family life, emotional health and wellbeing. It has really helped some of our families realise that they are not alone in the challenges they face.
Camps Hill Primary School
Thank you to Stevenage Community Trust for their kind donation towards our website project.
Herts Area Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre
On behalf of everyone at Greenside School I should like to express my thanks and appreciation to Stevenage Community Trust for your generous pledge of £2,000 towards our new specialist play facilities for children aged 7 to 14 years who have autism in addition to a severe or profound learning difficulty. Thank you for your generosity and support.
Greenside School
Special thanks to Stevenage Community Trust who granted us £1,500. Music therapy can help with pain relief, breathing issues, increase motivation, reduce feelings of loneliness or distress and is a great way to connect to others. Thank you so much for your kind support, it will help to make massive difference in the local community.
Garden House Hospice
I had the pleasure of the young lady at the keyboard playing the harp and singing to me whilst I have been in the hospice. It was so relaxing and for a while I could shut my eyes and pretend that I didn't have cancer. It was so soothing I can't explain what it meant to me. I am so pleased there will be more music sessions thanks to this donation.
Jane Huff
I would like to thank you on behalf of the students at Lonsdale School for your most generous donation of £4,000 towards the purchase of six sports wheelchairs and a five week course in wheelchair dance. The students had the most fantastic time in their dance lessons and loved performing to fellow students and families at our celebration afternoon. It was a real confidence boost to all those who took part. Students are now able to participate in a greater number of accessible sports to the best of their abilities – no extra bits on wheelchairs getting in the way! Your generosity has already had a big impact on our students and this will only increase as time goes on. Many thanks again.
Lonsdale School
I wish to thank you for the wonderful service you have provided for my wife. It has made a great difference to her, much better than her struggling to read newspapers with a magnifying glass and light. It gives her a greater insight into what’s happening around and in Stevenage. I must say it gives her an interest in life. I am grateful to you all and once again say thank you very much.
Husband of Stevenage Talking News listener
The grant from Stevenage Community Trust has enabled the Children’s Centre to set up a series of sessions for expectant mums to meet each other, reducing isolation and increasing confidence. The sessions provide the opportunity for access to information about centre services during the pregnancy when mum-to-be may be more receptive to information which should increase participation in other courses and sessions.
Stevenage South Children’s Centres
Quite simply, without the timely and very generous support of Stevenage Community Trust, we may not have been able to form Stevenage Starlets FC at this time and to equip the girls properly ahead of their first competitive season.
Stevenage Starlets FC
Thank you so very much for awarding us this grant.  We would really struggle without such awards to keep the community centre running and a great resource would be lost for our local community.
St Nicholas Community Association
The funding has enabled Headway Hertfordshire to set up a new group locally and help new clients with an acquired brain injury. Without this community action we could not have reached out and helped those in need of our specialist support and education.
Headway Hertfordshire
Children have been able to choose a sport that they are interested in and engage in that sport to improve health and confidence. It has been wonderful to be able to offer that additional yet necessary experience at a time when educational budgets are so stretched.
Almond Hill Junior School
The Stevenage Community Trust is generous beyond belief. The whole team is supportive and encouraging and I can't sing their praises high enough. 
Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre
Stevenage Community Trust is one of the nicest and supportive groups we work with across the UK.
Be Your Best Foundation

I wanted to write personally to say a huge thank you for your kind donation. It means so much to us to have support from the Trust and I can’t believe how quickly you have acted. Stevenage people are so supported because of organisations like yours. Thanks for being one of those kind humans who takes action to help others.
Cancer Hair Care
Thank you seems a rather inadequate word for the difference you have made to my life.
Herts Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre client
I would like to add my appreciation to Caroline. It has been so lovely to have been able to help facilitate the distribution of all the generous donations. We do see first-hand often such sad stories and this has been a really powerful reminder of all the good things that can happen also, so thank you so much. It has made a real difference to some of the most vulnerable people in our community.
Stevenage Educational Trust
Stevenage Community Trust makes it possible for small groups to provide an enhanced experience to so many communities. The Trust provides opportunities for small groups to do big things.
Stevenage Survivors Poetry Group
I am writing to thank you for the generous donation which was used to take all the women and children from refuge to Whipsnade Zoo. These families have faced difficulties and the children have seen and heard things that they should never have to, as well as having to leave behind everything they know.  It is so important that we are able to organise outings for the children to create new happy memories. Stevenage Community Trust has been a huge support over the years and without your continued support and interest in our work, we would not be able to provide these opportunities to our families. Thank you to all those individuals and companies that donate to Stevenage Community Trust.  Without this many wonderful services and events would go without.
Stevenage Women’s Refuge
The grant has allowed us to bring our community together, it has been great to see elderly members of the community and the younger generation attending our activities together and getting on.
Stevenage Bengali Association
At Greenside we have many children whose medical and emotional needs means that they are unable to go to the theatre. The Stevenage Community Trust funded a touring pantomime to bring the festive fun to the heart of our special school. We are very grateful for their generous support. Thank you for making this possible.
Greenside School
The grant enabled 17 Stevenage children with separated parents to enjoy a Christmas party with their non-resident parent in a friendly, supported environment. This was the one chance that the children would have to enjoy a Christmas event with their separated parent. It is hoped that the party would enable the parent and child to build and maintain their relationship to the benefit of the child’s development.
Stevenage Child Contact Centre
Our organisation has been able to support vulnerable consumers with their bills, reviewing and monitoring their usage and empowering them to reduce their fuel bills. Client feedback has been positive, by providing the tools to make small changes within their household mean they are able to manage their fuel and energy efficiency more effectively.
Citizens Advice Stevenage
Through Stevenage Community Trust we were able to secure funding that has allowed us to purchase a table tennis table for use as a table cricket pitch. Table top cricket is played by people with physical disabilities and is a strategic game that, come competition time, becomes really exciting to be a part of. In order to further enhance the ambitions, Stevenage Community Trust has also granted funds to run a cricket activators course for five of the support staff who work with the service users on a daily basis.
Hertfordshire Disabled Cricket Association
Without this grant I can truly say we would not be able to carry on with the hard work with the children in Stevenage playing rugby. We cannot thank you enough.
Stevenage Rugby Club
With the help of the grant from Stevenage Community Trust, TRACKS autism can now provide a safe environment for all the children who attend the centre.
Without the support of the Stevenage Community Trust we wouldn't be able to run the trips we arranged last year. The Trust is a real asset to Stevenage.  
Great Ashby Youth Club
Stevenage Community Trust has been a fantastic support to Stevenage Sporting Futures Team. With the support of the Trust we have been able to intervene at an early age, to support children in understanding food groups and the ones which are most beneficial. We have purchased arts and crafts materials for our Go Live holiday camps, fruit and vegetables, smoothie makers and hosted a fantastic Go Live party as well. The funding has helped introduce 200 children to our Go Live camp, with more planned for future school holidays. With this funding support, we are able to keep children active in Stevenage and develop a generation who is inspired by fitness and health. Thank you from all of the team.
Stevenage Sporting Futures
The initiative has been responsible for 2,049 breakfasts and 3,747 pieces of fruit being consumed by children at the play sites in Stevenage this summer. 378 children have had a better start to the day than they would have if the initiative was not in place because the play centres would not have been able to offer free breakfasts to all children if they hadn’t gained external funding from the Trust to do so. This initiative has made a positive impact to the play centres and the children who attend and all who have benefitted from the scheme have been thankful for it being in place.
Stevenage Play Centres
A mum was in hospital for a lifesaving operation and could not see her children for several weeks, including a baby born just a few weeks previously, prematurely. She said the loaned iPad, funded by the Trust, has been a life saver and was so grateful that she could stay in touch with her children every day. I have only positive things to say about SCT, the organisation is invaluable to us and I am so grateful that they could support us in our application.
Home-Start Hertfordshire
Stevenage Community Trust enables Barclay Kart Team to flourish and continue to be the largest of its kind in the south of England. Our experiences with the trust have been excellent - long may you continue.
Barclay Kart Club

Hardship Grants

Receiving this grant could not have come at a better time. I left my husband after 34 years of abuse, which was extremely difficult and emotional. I had no money to live on, taking anti-depressants and constantly crying feeling stress and anxiety. The £150 will pay off my arrears and pay back people who have lent me money. I am truly grateful, thank you.
The grant was such a surprise I burst into tears. Life is such a struggle so it was a big, and I mean big, help.
I’d like to say a really big thank you for your incredibly generous gift. I’m still in a little bit of shock to be honest and it’s not properly sunk in. After a very difficult year last year I’ve been on a slow but steady road back up. The laminate flooring has added to that journey and has improved my quality of life in more ways than one. In practical terms, the hard floor means I can very easily use my wheelchair to move around. It’s like a dream in comparison to the incredibly thick carpet I had before. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I won’t forget your kindness.
I am so grateful to you all.  Once again a demonstration of how effective and efficient our local Community Trust is in supporting local residents.
Sharon Taylor, OBE, Leader of Stevenage Borough Council
To update you on the family that you gave a grant to for carpet; the little girl who was immobile and showed no desire to move started crawling within days of the carpet being laid! Thank you again for your kind support.
Hertford and Villages Children’s Centres

Chauncy Charity Fund

It is not always easy to raise funds to cover everything. Grants like yours make a lot of difference to groups like ours and we are eternally grateful.
The Friendship Group
The very generous grant enabled the Good Companions Club to offer an interesting day out to our members, irrespective of their age and disabilities, who thoroughly enjoyed something different from their own four walls at home.
Good Companions Club
Without this grant we would not have been able to provide as many meals for the over 60’s as we did.
Douglas Drive Senior Citizens Association
I’d like to say a personal ‘Thank You’ to Caroline Haskins for going out of her way to help the Stevenage & North Herts Talking News. We are a fledgling unit of volunteers who provide local news and magazines to the visually impaired. Without this kind donation, we would simply not be able to operate.
Stevenage and NH Talking Newspaper
I would like to offer profound thanks for the £250 grant to pay for our Christmas party. It means so much to our members, mostly in their 80’s and 90’s who really anticipate this event every year. To have the expense of it taken care of is a great relief and with your generous grant we’ll make it a party they’ll always remember.
Link Up Lunch Club
Stevenage Community Trust continues its invaluable support to the community with ease of information and access.
The Oval Friendship Group
Shaftesbury Court really appreciates the grants that Stevenage Community Trust allocated to us, to provide our elderly tenants with entertainment and enjoy getting out of their homes, meeting up with old friends, making new friends, to keep them motivated and supported at the same time.
Shaftesbury Court Supported Housing
Some of our elderly tenants have no family and spend Christmas on their own; this year they were able to celebrate it with the other tenants thanks to Stevenage Community Trust. The tenants are very grateful for the funding and cannot thank you enough.
Hobbs Court Sheltered Housing
It is only with the generous support of organisations like Stevenage Community Trust that we are able to concentrate on what we are good at; designing and making things for the elderly and disabled.
Bruce Carr, Remap
On behalf of all of the members, I'm sending you heartfelt thanks for the very generous grant.
Datchworth Elderberries

Heating Grants

It is not always easy to raise funds to cover everything. Grants like yours make a lot of difference to groups like ours and we are eternally grateful.
The Friendship Group
The very generous grant enabled the Good Companions Club to offer an interesting day out to our members, irrespective of their age and disabilities, who thoroughly enjoyed something different from their own four walls at home.
Good Companions Club
Without this grant we would not have been able to provide as many meals for the over 60’s as we did.
Douglas Drive Senior Citizens Association
I’d like to say a personal ‘Thank You’ to Caroline Haskins for going out of her way to help the Stevenage & North Herts Talking News. We are a fledgling unit of volunteers who provide local news and magazines to the visually impaired. Without this kind donation, we would simply not be able to operate.
Stevenage and NH Talking Newspaper
I would like to thank you so much for my heating grant. I am 93 and live on my own. I suffer from pain and feel the cold so much. I live on my pension and have to be so careful. Thanks again I do appreciate it. 
Thank you for my heating grant. I am an 86 year old widow who lives alone. I have mobility issues and various health conditions including Polymyalgia which affects my immune system and is exacerbated by the cold weather which means my heating costs are higher. Thanks to your grant I can continue to stay warm this winter. 
Thank you so much for the grant I received.  It is very much appreciated. It will help me enormously with the winter bills to keep warm and ease my arthritic pains and aches which can be very painful at times.  Thank you again. 
Thank you most sincerely for the recent grant, it was most appreciated and will relieve the worry of how to keep warm this winter.

Christmas Gift Cards

My 12 year old son and I suffered a huge loss last term as my partner, my son’s dad, passed away. This was a traumatic death and left us in an emotional and financial mess. Additionally my sister got diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and so the gift card helped buy a few Christmas presents and bought my son and I Christmas dinner.  I work part-time and so every penny matters. It also restored my faith that there is a lot of support in the community and this has enabled me to have the strength to return to work, which as a single parent felt very scary at first. 
I cannot express in words how grateful my daughters and I are for your kind donation. As a single mum and full time student, Christmas can be a difficult time financially. The gift card will mean we can afford to buy extras that we would not have been able to without this donation. Once again thank you very much.
The part you play in making a difference to families in Stevenage doesn’t get recognised enough and I would like you to know that your gift has made a massive difference to my family. 
The gift card will enable us to use money we had set aside for Christmas food to put in our gas meter so we can keep the house warmer during the cold months. We can’t thank you enough; it has truly lifted my spirits.
My granddaughters have been through a really tough time and this will help to put a big smile on their faces on Christmas day.
My family and I were very grateful recipients to receive help with a short term financial crisis. Thank you so much for making this available to us; it meant a great deal to us at a very difficult time. Being able to buy fresh fruit and vegetables to supplement the dried and tinned foods from the food bank make a great deal of difference to the quality and variety of meals I could prepare. The trust exhibited in me to use the voucher sensibly was also very welcome in a situation where I suddenly found myself with no financial control over my circumstances. My situation is now beginning to improve, but I hope you can continue to secure funding in the future with which to support those in very serious need where short term help can make all the difference. 
Thank you so much for this £100 voucher, it has helped me and my 3 children so much with food and having hot meals for the last couple of days and the next week. I can’t thank you enough for this, without it I don’t know what we would have done. After everything I’ve been worrying about it was nice to go out and get some food for us all, it took a lot off my mind and I thank you for that. Thank you once again.
On behalf of Thriving Families, please extend our thanks to your generous contributors. These vouchers have had a huge impact on our families and have enabled them and their children to enjoy their Christmas. We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to deliver these wonderful gifts to our families in recognition of the work they are doing to turn their lives around, and are very grateful that Stevenage Community Trust awards us this opportunity.
Thriving Families
I would like to say a huge thank you for all your support and help. Things have been very difficult for me and the boys recently and with your help and support we are managing to get through it. We are now looking forward to Christmas and can’t thank you enough. 
Thank you for the generous gift voucher, this made the difference to my family as it meant we could celebrate Christmas. I did not know before I received the voucher how I was going to provide a Christmas for my two boys. I have never cooked Christmas dinner before and because of the generosity of Stevenage Community Trust my children got the Christmas to remember and I got to do it. Thank you.
It will help to get some well needed books for the children and things that cannot be afforded, it will help us enormously. Many thanks from all of us. 
We will now be able to enjoy a Christmas dinner that we didn’t think we could have as well as presents for the children.
This is to confirm that I have received two Christmas vouchers for two families that I have been working with. £100 is a lot of money, but it will enable the families to have a joyful Christmas with their children. It is lovely to see the overwhelming reactions from the families that receive your help. I know that the Trust works very hard to be able to help the local community and I would like to personally thank all of you for your hard work in fundraising and the support you give. So a big thank you to you all.
Debt Advice & Support Officer, Stevenage Borough Council
In our first 25 years, we gave out more than £1 million in grants to help local people and organisations.

We could not have realised this without the generosity of our supporters and our aim is to build on the these rock solid foundations and be even more impactful for our community over the next 25 years. Robert Stewart - Chairman
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